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A staging of figures and their stories.

People, especially the ones with a strong profile, create stories and become history. Similarly to human beings, also profiled objects become history sometimes and start to radiate.
Where objects and stories connect is the birthplace of legends, winding tenderly or wildly mixing fact with fiction...
The figures of the Seven Sisters are staged to tell you the legends of extraordinary women. Written by Andreas Schneider

1 The legend of Serafina. 2 The legend of Filipina.
3 The legend of Johanna. 4 The legend of Marius' daughter.
5 The legend of Rosamunde. 6 The legend of Tisane.
7 The legend of Fortunata. 8 Legend-text of image 4

Note: Every object is unique. In the absence of a catalogue, the pieces that appear here are possibly available only in a similar form.